Pentair UltraTemp HX Pool Heat Pump



UltraTemp HX Pool Heat Pump

  • Horizontal exhaust for small footprint and installations with overhangs.
  • Intuitive LCD User Interface
  • Heating and Cooling

Digital controllers with twin thermostats provide accurate temperature control while avoiding overheating

Self-diagnosis operation so any errors can be quickly resolved and troubleshooted to ensure the heat pump is always running safely and reliably

Circulation pump connection so that the heat pump can function independently of the filtration system, with its own time clock for turning on and off the pump built in.

Available Models:

  • UltraTemp HX Heat Pump 9.5kW
  • UltraTemp HX Heat Pump 12kW
  • UltraTemp HX Heat Pump 15kW
  • UltraTemp HX Heat Pump 17kW
  • UltraTemp HX Heat Pump 21kW