Zodiac Z200 Pool Heat Pump



Zodiac Z200 Pool Heat Pump

Available sizes:

  • Z200 M3 9kW
  • Z200 M4 12kW

The Zodiac Z200 Heat Pumps are small in size yet packed with capabilities.

Simply choose your prefered water temperature and it will operate successfully at any time of day.

It can be set up to operate entirely independent of your filtration cycle, and it’s really simple to set up as well as use.


  • Ideal for stretching your swimming season into the cold winter months.
  • Incredibly low operating expenses (especially compared to solar heating)
  • Not dependent just on sunlight or collectors to heat at full strength
  • Simple, economical installation with minimal piping
  • Robust and effective; built for Australian conditions
  • Uses more environmentaly friendly R32 refrigerant gas